Weddings & Christenings


Weddings come in all ‘shapes and sizes’ and we enjoy working with each couple to help them to create a service that is ‘just right’, allowing them to express their hopes for the future as well as demonstrating their commitment to one another. Finding a suitable date with availability at the church and at your chosen reception venue is the first step, so we suggest that you contact us as early as possible.  We will work with you to confirm a date, carry out the legal work that must be completed before the wedding, and help you choose readings and music that will inspire you throughout your married life.  Fees for the legal preliminaries and service are set nationally, however local costs for music, flowers and any additional heating will be discussed when you meet the Minister who will take your Marriage Service.

For more information, contact Revd Miriam Keen at or call on 07954 117093 or 01488 649927


The birth of a baby is a special moment in the life of every family and our beautiful church is the perfect place to celebrate together.  A Christening, or ‘baptism’ is not only a time for thanksgiving, it is also a moment for parents and godparents to commit themselves to doing all that they can to provide for the child’s spiritual well-being as well as their physical, mental and emotional development.  Our congregation is committed to helping in every way that they can and will continue to pray for each child and welcome your family to child-friendly services and events. Christenings take place on Sundays, either in the main morning service or later on in the afternoon.We do not charge for Christenings because we feel it is a privilege to be able to  share such a significant moment with you and your child.  But if you would like us to organise an organist for an afternoon service you will need to pay their fee directly to them.  

For more information, contact Revd Miriam Keen @ or call on 07954 117093 or 01488 649927

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