1st Prize of £200: Number 33
2nd Prize of £50: Number 79

Michelle Martin will be contacting the winners!

100 CLUB TICKETS 2021/2022

Since the launch of the 100 Club in 2019, we have had 16 winners and given out £2,000 in prize money.  This fundraising has been so important in maintaining the upkeep of the church and supporting our church roof appeal.

We are now opening applications for tickets for the 2021/2022 100 Club draw.  We have decided to change the allocation of prize money for next year’s lottery draw.  There will still be 4 draws during the year, but instead of two winners, we have extended the number of winners to 4 and will be giving out £100 for 1st prize and have three 2nd prize winners who will receive £50 each.  This means there is an increased chance of winning!

Tickets cost £20 each and will include you in all four draws.   All remaining monies are allocated to the St James church fundraising project.

If you or your family or friends would like to purchase a ticket for this village lottery, please use the contact us form on this website to express your interest.  The deadline to purchase a ticket is 30th September 2021.

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