Upcoming Leckhampstead services are as follows:

Sunday 14th November: 10:50am Act of Remembrance, Leckhampstead War Memorial, Village Green

Sunday 21st November: 9:00am BCP Holy Communion, Leckhampstead


Friday 3rd December:

5:00pm, School Christingle 1, Great Shefford

6:00pm, School Christingle 2, Great Shefford

Sunday 5th December:

9:00am, BCP Holy Communion, Brightwalton

10:30am, Morning Praise + Holy Communion, Great Shefford

Sunday 12th December:

9.00am, BCP Holy Communion, Chaddleworth

10.30am, Open Air Carols, Welford Park

Sunday 19th December:

9.00am, BCP Holy Communion, Leckhampstead

10:00am, Café Church, Great Shefford

6:00pm, UB Carols, Brightwalton 

Monday 20th December:

6:00pm, Carols + Great Shefford PC at the Playpark

Tuesday 21st December:

6:00pm, Carols, Shefford Woodlands 

Wednesday 22nd December:  

6:00pm, Carols Round the Tree + PC, Brightwalton

Christmas Eve:

4:00pm, Crib Service, Wickham

6:00pm, Ibex Carols, Chaddleworth

10:00pm, 1st Holy Communion of Christmas, Chaddleworth

10:00pm, 1st Holy Communion of Christmas, Wickham

11:30pm, Midnight Mass, Great Shefford

Christmas Day:

8:00am, BCP Holy Communion, Fawley

9:30am, Family Holy Communion, Great Shefford

9:30am, Family Holy Communion, Leckhampstead

11:00am, Family Holy Communion, Welford

Sunday 26th December:

10:45am, Boxing Day – Feast of Stephen, Zoom Church

Will I need to book a seat and wear a mask for church services? 

Congregations will no longer be required to book seats. 

All those entering the church are requested to wear a face covering except when seated or in an area set apart for refreshments and with no ‘passing traffic’. 

Churches will be zoned to provide an area of seating at the front of the nave for those who wish to wear a face covering and to ensure that those leading the service, reading or making announcements from the chancel step, are socially distanced (at least 2m) from members of the congregation who are not wearing face coverings.  Seating in this area will be in alternate pews and those who do not wish to have others seated in their pew may request a card to place in the seat beside them.  Those choosing to sit in this area will be expected to retain their face masks throughout the service except during Holy Communion. 

Seating for those who do not wish to wear a face covering will be at the west end of the nave.  Cards will also be available to them if they wish to be socially distanced from others in their row.  However, if these rows are filled to capacity it is expected that those arriving later may be required to wear a face covering and/or sit in an alternative seat. 

Will we be singing hymns in church? 

Singing in church is permitted but aerosol transmission poses a greater risk of infection than speaking.  As singing is such an important part of worship for many people, and given the popularity of open air services, Sunday services in August will include an open air element with singing and will conclude with Holy Communion inside the church.  Orders of service and hymns will be available to download from the weekly email. 

Will there be any changes to the way that we share Holy Communion? 

Holy Communion in one kind (the bread) will be brought to those in the face covering zone as they remain in their seats (just the same as during the past year).  When all those wearing face coverings in their seats have received the bread of Holy Communion the priest will move to a well ventilated part of the church and those without face coverings will be invited to process forward to receive the bread.  Please note that masks should be worn while processing to/from Holy Communion. 

Will there be a Collection?    

We are grateful that we have willing volunteers who take responsibility for running our churches.  Their safety and good health is important and, as donations through the Parish Giving Scheme, and by bank transfer, cashless card reader etc are the safest methods of giving, please consider making your gifts by one of these methods.  Collections during services are now permitted but cash donations will be locked in the church safe for 48 hours and then counted so that our volunteers do not face unnecessary risks. 

How can I help? 

1.      Make every effort to be sensitive to the feelings and views of others.  Assume that social distancing is the norm and ask before moving in for elbow bumps, handshakes or hugs.  This feels strange, but is an important part of ensuring that everyone feels comfortable in our services. 

2.      Scan the QR code, or sign in on the test and trace list when you arrive at church and use hand sanitizer when you enter or leave.  The numbers are low in our area.  Let’s keep it that way! 

3.      Please contact your local church warden to volunteer your time as we ‘wake up’ our church buildings.  It is important that we keep the churches clean, tidy and well ventilated so cleaners and church key holders are needed as well as readers for services.    

What about christenings, weddings and funerals? 

Each of these services will require a bespoke Risk Assessment.  Miri will work on these with the families involved.  If someone asks you about the ‘rules’ for a family event please bear in mind that each service will be considered in its own right and send people on to Miri. 

Any other questions?

I hope that this has covered most of the pressing questions on people’s minds.  If there is anything that you are uncertain about please email Miri or send your question using the contact form on this web site.

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